ESI Builds Plasma Logistics Center


ESI Group recently completed the construction of Grifols North Plasma Logistics Center in Clayton, North Carolina. The Plasma in this facility is a key component for the manufacturing of the  Grifols’ products used to treat rare, chronic diseases such as a neurological disorder, immune deficiencies, hemophilia and genetic emphysema. This highly controlled -35 degree Celsius Plasma Logistics Center supplies the world’s largest and one of the most technologically advanced plasma fractionation facilities, increasing production capacity in Clayton from 3.2 million liters of plasma annually to 6 million liters when in full operation.

The logistics center footprint is 83,500 square feet, including a 17,160-squarefoot Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)—a rack-supported structure utilizing three AS/RS Storage Retrieval Machines and stands 90 feet tall. This critically controlled tempered space is refrigerated with an R507 refrigeration system with a Nitrogen backup and has double redundant power supply. The AS/RS is capable of storing 5,000+ pallet positions.

“We are pleased to have played a key role in the construction of a facility that will positively influence the health and wellness of others as well as bring economic benefits to the Clayton area,” says Brad Barke, President of ESI Group.

View the project Video and Highlights for the Grifols Plasma Logistics Center here.

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