How Frick’s Quality Meats Controlled Costs

Photo credit:  ESI Group USA 

Frick’s Quality Meats is a fifth-generation family-owned meat processing company known for its artisan-style, value-added products, such as its hickory smoked ham cured with real cane sugar.  The company recently worked with ESI Group USA to add additional space to its manufacturing headquarters in Washington, Mo.

The 120,000-square-foot plant where the company has operated since 2005 was recently expanded by more than 28,000 square feet to accommodate 16,118 square feet designated for ready-to-eat processing as well as 12,000 square feet for a 28F Degree finished goods cooler. The expansion also includes space for a 700 square-foot mechanical room to house new refrigeration equipment.

During the course of construction, Frick’s and ESI staff met on a daily basis. This kept an open line of communication to quickly identify and address construction concerns and immediately discuss solutions as well as cost impacts. There were a few unforeseen conditions that came up during the initial phases of the project, such as unsuitable soils, rock excavation and site utilities that were not picked up during the initial survey.  

“Most every project has unforeseen issues/costs, etc.,” says  John Hanley, Project Manager. “The rule of thumb when discussing budgets, GMPs and contracts is to ensure the owner has a contingency for these potential issues.”

Another cost-controlling tactic was ESI’s monthly onsite control meeting, which was conducted with Frick’s to go over the project status, schedule, cost, and discuss any project savings as well as address any open items. The goal was for ESI to execute the construction project as quickly and efficiently as possible without disruption to Frick’s daily activities.

Frick’s products are available in 48 states, and this project will help Frick’s expand their natural line of products, which was originally launched in 2017.


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