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Recruiting employees for a design-build industry.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees these days can be quite cumbersome.  Think back to how you applied for your first job.  It’s likely you saw an ad in the newspaper or heard about a job from a friend.  Then you mailed out a paper resume and within a week or two you received a phone call or a letter back directing you to the next step.

In 2019, the way an employer communicates a job opening and the way you submit your application is of a different animal – one that involves online searches, searching contacts on social media to find mutual relationships, and going to job fairs.  For job seekers, it’s about showcasing their skills, communicating their work ethic and providing references for validation of what the resume states.

For businesses, it’s all about salaries and company perks.  And for the design-build industry of specialty cold storage construction, finding good people-the right people-is becoming more challenging than ever.

Due to the nature of our business, many of our positions require travel.  That element of employment adds an additional challenge.  We work hard to achieve a healthy balance for our traveling staff to ensure we’re providing quality design-build services to our clients.

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