Smarter, Space-Saving Automation
FEATURED TOPIC As the post-COVID food industry grapples with a shrinking labor force and feeding a growing population, facility operators are turning to automation to improve efficiency, cut waste, and…
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The Financial Decision Behind Automation Install
PROJECT FEATURE For one pet food producer, the decision to install automation came down to finances. “When comparing the project costs versus the transportation and logistics costs, the company realized…
Bridor Selects ESI Group to Establish First Greenfield Bakery
Bridor selects ESI Group to establish the first greenfield bakery manufacturing facility in the Salt Lake City area.
ESI Group Designs and Builds Greenfield Meat Facility for Centrillium Protein
ESI Group partners with Centrillium Protein on the design-build of their meat processing facility in Midwest City, Oklahoma.
Bridor partners with ESI Group on bakery expansion
ESI Group partners with Bridor to expand its bakery production facility in Vineland, New Jersey.
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Understanding Two Distinct Project Delivery Methods, Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build
The choice between DB and DBB depends on project complexity, timeline, and the owner’s priorities. DB offers streamlined communication, faster project delivery, and reduced owner risk.
ESI Group awarded design-build of PFG’s expansion project
ESI Group partners with Performance Food Group to expand its refrigerated warehouse in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Food Processing Facility
Designing Tomorrow’s Facility Today
A new report1 highlights that food processors are not just responsible for processing food. Today’s facility owners are now tasked with following stricter food safety requirements, employee welfare, and environmental…
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Design-Build Your Facility for Improved Climate Control
Learn ways food facilities can improve the control of their thermal envelope when considering a facility renovation, expansion, or greenfield.
Sysco-Sygma Beefs Up Its Cold Storage
Sygma, a Sysco company, partners with ESI Group to design and build out a tenant space to include convertible cooler spaces for future needs.
Plant Renovation
To move beyond capacity shortcomings, a renovation of your facility might be in order. ESI chimes in on ways to get around challenges.
4 Ways A Design-Build Firm Can Manage Your Project Costs
Four ways a design-build firm can manage project costs. Read more on locking in pricing, preordering materials, and negotiating contracts.
Value Engineering Curbs Costs
Exploring alternate designs and materials is a savvy way to curb project costs. Invest in scheduling tools to optimize construction.
Recognized for construction excellence in 2022
ESI Group is being recognized for excellence in construction by ABC Wisconsin for the design and construction of a Greenfield Food Distribution Facility in Alabama.
Overcoming the Cold Storage Deficit
Cold storage construction is projected to reach $19.6 billion in value by 2027, an increase of 13.8 percent per year, yet capacity is only projected to grow by 1 percent through 2023.
Responding to the Need for Cold Storage
Whether leasing, renovating, or building a new site, food suppliers and distributors are responding to the increased need for cold storage.
Granular Level Planning Identifies Construction Bottlenecks
ESI Group is using the Takt planning solution on a 250,000 sq. ft. design/build greenfield project for a Midwest beef packer. Takt creates what-if scenarios and maps them in a…
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The New Way to Look at Construction: Continuous Flow
Many industry insiders will quietly tell you that the U.S. lags behind European countries on construction innovation and quality. They point to poor procurement, siloed and sub-optimized collaboration, and disjointed…
Automation, Space is driving Vertical Cold Storage
Going Vertical? Land is becoming more expensive and to relocate a production facility to another location is not very feasible, so it makes sense to go vertical. Get more insight…
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3 Ways to Manage D/B Projects Amid Shortages
Manage Projects with Rising costs. Transportation backlogs. Labor shortages. Time delays. Supply chain troubles. All of which are plaguing the design/build industry, and ultimately trickle down to food facility owners…
ESI Navigates Rising Costs for PFG Expansion
Performance Food Group (PFG) selected ESI to design and construct a 152,623-foot expansion to its Reinhart facility in Mount Pleasant, PA. This includes freezer space, cooler space, refrigerated dock, dry…
Key Design Features at Reinharts’ New DC
ESI designed and built the newly acquired Reinhart Facility owned now by Performance Food Group (PFG). This project video includes key facility design details incorporated specifically to address and achieve…
Speculative Cold Storage is Hot
Growing demand for refrigerated cold storage space, along with increasing investor interest and better understanding of how to build these facilities, is spurring speculative cold storage development. Today, retrofitting traditional…
Converting Dry Storage to a Cold DC
Grocery supplier C&S Wholesale Grocers of Troutdale, OR, tasked ESI Group USA with converting an existing 75,908 sq. ft. of speculative dry storage into a refrigerated distribution center, with a…

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