Frick’s Quality Meats Expands Meat Processing HQs Facility

Frick’s Quality Meats tapped ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., to expand its Washington, Mo., headquarters meat processing facility. The 28,000-plus-square-foot expansion includes a 15,000-squarefoot addition for casing, packaging, palletizing and staging of product as well as a 12,500-square-foot 28°F finished …
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Mitigating Mold in Food and Beverage Facility Construction

Many of today’s food and beverage companies are adding on to existing facilities vs. building new. They’re adding or retrofitting space for additional product offerings, storage capacity and to promote employee safety and well-being. However, in this process, there could …
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ESI Group Renovates Food Distribution Center for US Foods

US Foods, Rosemont, Ill., tapped ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., to design and construct an 85,000-square-foot expansion and renovation to an existing food distribution center in Fort Mill, S.C. The facility, which is the second largest US Foods plant, will …
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Managing Cost Increases for Food Facility Construction

In today’s competitive food industry, manufacturers and distributors are operating under tighter margins. Evolving rules and regulations, increased competition, rising fuel and energy costs and a shortage of skilled labor are common challenges experienced by design-build firms. As if this …
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Mitigating Risk When Working With Subcontractors

Working with subcontractors in any field can present a host of challenges, whether it be subcontractors installing incorrect materials, or installing materials from their supplier that malfunction, thus creating larger, sometimes unsafe, conditions. Unfortunately, things happen. That’s life. But, in …
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ESI Group Does More than Provide Design-Build Services

For a quarter of a century, ESI Group, Hartland, Wis., has been providing specialized design-build solutions to food manufacturers, processors and distributors nationwide. Clients include food processors (meat, cheese, bakery, poultry, organic, beverage, fruit and vegetable), food distribution (grocery, foodservice, …
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ESI Group Makes Eliminating Waste a Top Priority

These days, nearly all food and beverage processors strive to become more sustainable and energy efficient. Features such as LED lighting, variable frequency drives and high-efficiency refrigeration systems rank as top requests for many food processing plants and distribution centers. …
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Recruiting Employees for a Design-Build Industry

Recruiting, hiring and retaining employees in this day and age can be quite cumbersome. It used to be that when people needed a job, they looked in the newspaper and mailed out paper resumes. Today’s job search world however is …
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Designing a Facility is a Process. Here’s Why.

When it comes to designing and building a cold food processing plant or distribution center, there’s more to it than ample parking and an attractive lobby. From the loading dock positions to the LED lighting, every facet of that building …
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The Benefits of Building with IMPs

Find out how insulated metal panels provide a number of advantages When it comes to building a food processing or distribution facility, there are many factors to keep in mind—is it sustainable, efficient and clean? Does it meet government regulations? …
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Retaining Experienced Staff Delivers Quality Projects

ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., has maintained an experienced staff of over 50 professionals who have worked to complete nearly 300 projects over the last 25 years. That’s why ESI strives to retain each and every employee. However, because of …
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How Retrofits Keep Energy Costs Down

With summer coming, it’s important to keep energy costs down. That’s why installing building retrofits are key to achieving energy savings. Building retrofits are a whole building analysis and construction process that is said to achieve larger energy cost savings …
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25th anniversary

A Quarter Century of Design-Build Services

Since its inception 25 years ago, ESI Group USA has maintained an experienced staff of over 50 professionals who helped complete nearly 300 projects for food industry leaders like Cargill, Kerry Ingredients, Land O’Frost, McKee Foods, Nestlé USA, Performance Food …
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How to Renovate a Dry Warehouse for Cold Food

The search for land and buildings in the Greater Boston area began in 2011. US Foods wanted a more modern and efficient food distribution center to better serve its 3,000 New England-area chefs and restaurants. “There were few buildings that …
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ESI Builds Plasma Logistics Center

ESI Group recently completed the construction of Grifols North Plasma Logistics Center in Clayton, North Carolina. The Plasma in this facility is a key component for the manufacturing of the  Grifols’ products used to treat rare, chronic diseases such as …
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