No Construction Timeline is Too Tight

WinCo Foods prides itself on keeping its grocery prices low. In fact, this Boise, Idaho-based employee-owned company maintains its title as the leader in supermarket low prices by offering more than 800 items for bulk purchase by the pound, allowing …
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efficient building

LEEDing the Way to a More Energy Efficient Building

These days, terms like sustainability, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient are more than just a fad— they’re a way of doing business. And the folks at ESI know better than anyone about environmental design for food facilities. The environmental impacts of …
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Gathering All Parties Concerned

When it comes to launching a new product, installing a new production line or building a new facility, it’s imperative that all parties concerned be involved and on the same page. Such is the case for United Natural Foods, Inc. …
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Smile and say, “cheese”

Here’s something to smile about. It’s a pic­ture of a growing company. Across-the-board sales growth and still greater opportunities have Meister Cheese Company LLC, a 96-year-old family business, expanding in its hometown of Muscoda, Wis. Meister Cheese expects by late …
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Keep Quality, Cut Cost

School’s back in session and one classroom tenet is simple: if there’s any doubt or confusion, don’t hesitate to ask a question. The same principle applies to food processors, warehouse operators and distributors. For those experiencing extraordinarily fast growth— or …
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Fast Growth? Limited Funds? No Problem.

“Foodservice distributor.” Just taken by itself, the word “distributor” suggests a business in a constant state of movement. Observers can see that Saladino’s Inc. has been continually moving since its 1944 origins in a Fresno, Calif., grocery meat department. In …
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A “Cool” Idea: Box-in-Box Retrofit

Here’s a cool solution that happens every day: a public warehouse operator or distributor suddenly needs controlled-temperature storage to satisfy a key customer, compete in a new geographic market; or perhaps a fast-growth refrigerated or frozen food processor quickly needs …
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Quick Service!

There are times when you quickly need to go—to grow. That was the case last year for a leading national foodservice distributor. Officials recognized that customer growth necessitated a move to a larger southern California warehouse and distribution center. The …
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Trends in Dock Design

Dock design trends and technologies are changing. Here are six points to consider. By Tim Gibbons, ESI Group Vice President of Design INCREASED USE OF VERTICAL STORING LEVELERS: Vertical storage levelers are stored inside the dock in an upright position. …
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One Call Does It All

“One phone call does it all.” That’s how D&G Transportation Inc. describes its capabilities and customer service to prospective new customers in temperature controlled transportation and warehousing. A 27-year-old, family-owned company, D&G offers a full menu of inbound or outbound …
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Step up to the plate

Last fall, US Foods (USF) embraced a new brand identity and tagline (“Keeping Kitchens Cooking”) with innovative new foods, products and an easier service experience for cus­tomers. The company also renewed its commitment to reducing its environ­mental impact. In addition …
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It’s a good time to build

Lower labor and material costs make it a good time to build a new food plant or distribution facility. Yet most post prospective greenfield facil­ity owners often don’t plan enough time to develop an accurate and detailed project schedule. Here’s …
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Wow your workers!

It’s one thing to tell employees how much they’re valued. Then again, actions speak louder than words. And action can begin during facility design and construction. Want to woo your workforce? Why not “wow” them? An employer’s attention to the …
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Energy loss? Convert fear factor into Power Factor.

Snakes. Bugs. Enclosed spaces. “Fear Factor” reality TV contestants face these common threats each week. So what scares food plant and to-day reality check involves a fear of operating losses-and one key area is energy efficiency. That’s why it’s important …
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Improve Food Safety

There’s a change in the air. New hygienic air handling technology and facility design strategies are improving processing plant food safety. Food process facilities are implementing hygienic controls and ongoing sanitation to ensure safety and quality. One critical sanitation process …
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US Foods puts its best food forward

You’ve heard the challenge “Put your money where your mouth is.” Now, one of the nation’s largest foodservice distributors is putting its money where the consumer’s mouth is. US Foods, headquartered in Rosemont, Ill., already introduced 30 new products this …
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cascading refrigeration

Cascading Benefits

Cascade refrigeration, a rela­tively new industrial cooling tech­nology, has proven itself as an eco­nomical, energy efficient and safer option to traditional ammonia-based systems. More U.S. food processors, food ser­vice, and cold storage warehouse opera­tors have embraced this technology dur­ing the …
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waste water

Wastewater Management

New technologies, strategies boost efficiency, savings. Waste not. Want not. Perhaps the ultimate proverb about thriftiness and savings, this familiar phrase dates back hundreds of years. Then again, if you want to save money in wastewater treatment, you’ll want to …
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Money savings on the rooftop!

Project Profile Let’s talk about high performance. When a national broadline foodservice distributor wanted to expand its Dallas location, ESI Group presented several solutions to address current and future needs. This 2011 project consisted of a 54,000- square-foot warehouse expansion …
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Quality floor saves you more

Cold facility flooring often isn’t considered a key element in a successful operation, yet every building needs a firm foundation. Companies who overlook this soon realize how much of a headache it can become if problems arise. The truth is …
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