25th anniversary

A Quarter Century of Design-Build Services

Since its inception 25 years ago, ESI Group USA has maintained an experienced staff of over 50 professionals who helped complete nearly 300 projects for food industry leaders like Cargill, Kerry Ingredients, Land O’Frost, McKee Foods, Nestlé USA, Performance Food …
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How to Renovate a Dry Warehouse for Cold Food

The search for land and buildings in the Greater Boston area began in 2011. US Foods wanted a more modern and efficient food distribution center to better serve its 3,000 New England-area chefs and restaurants. “There were few buildings that …
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ESI Builds Plasma Logistics Center

ESI Group recently completed the construction of Grifols North Plasma Logistics Center in Clayton, North Carolina. The Plasma in this facility is a key component for the manufacturing of the  Grifols’ products used to treat rare, chronic diseases such as …
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How to Rebuild when Mother Nature Strikes

On April 28, 2014, an EF-3 tornado struck the US Foods’ distribution center in Pearl, Miss. The tornado, which spanned 400 yards and traveled with winds of 155 miles per hour, produced serious damage to the warehouse’s walls, roof and …
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ESI Installs Ammonia Systems in Greenfield Projects

ESI’s state-of-the-art design-build services allow today’s cold food processors and distributors to install ammonia refrigeration systems regardless if the project calls for new or renovated construction. The “standard rule” is that any refrigerated area of 40,000 square feet and larger …
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ammonia room

How to Build an Ammonia Room

When it comes to building an ammonia room, for many cold food processors and distributors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why design-build firms such as ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., work with industrial refrigeration contractors to ensure that today’s …
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How Rail Docks Add Value to Your Building

When it comes to transporting goods from Point A to Point B, how the product moves and along what mode is essential in determining if your company’s current process is effective and cost efficient. Ask yourself, is your current supply …
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There’s No “I” in Team

You hear it all the time in sports, business meetings and group discussions, and now it’s being voiced on the warehouse floor—“there’s no ‘I’ in team.” Fortunately for global food distributor Martin Brower, this same mantra also applies when expanding …
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The Automated Facility Experts

New plant design can be quite a bear. Site selection, layout, structural systems, construction materials, timelines and more all play into successfully building a cold storage facility. But, for design-build firms like ESI Group USA, the use of automation makes …
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Mission Critical Construction. Done.

Usually when one hears the term “mission critical,” it’s safe to assume failure or disruption. But, for the folks at ESI Group, Hartland, Wis., it means the exact opposite. That’s because when a customer like WinCo Foods, comes forward with …
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No Construction Timeline is Too Tight

WinCo Foods prides itself on keeping its grocery prices low. In fact, this Boise, Idaho-based employee-owned company maintains its title as the leader in supermarket low prices by offering more than 800 items for bulk purchase by the pound, allowing …
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efficient building

LEEDing the Way to a More Energy Efficient Building

These days, terms like sustainability, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient are more than just a fad— they’re a way of doing business. And the folks at ESI know better than anyone about environmental design for food facilities. The environmental impacts of …
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Gathering All Parties Concerned

When it comes to launching a new product, installing a new production line or building a new facility, it’s imperative that all parties concerned be involved and on the same page. Such is the case for United Natural Foods, Inc. …
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Smile and say, “cheese”

Here’s something to smile about. It’s a pic­ture of a growing company. Across-the-board sales growth and still greater opportunities have Meister Cheese Company LLC, a 96-year-old family business, expanding in its hometown of Muscoda, Wis. Meister Cheese expects by late …
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Keep Quality, Cut Cost

School’s back in session and one classroom tenet is simple: if there’s any doubt or confusion, don’t hesitate to ask a question. The same principle applies to food processors, warehouse operators and distributors. For those experiencing extraordinarily fast growth— or …
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Fast Growth? Limited Funds? No Problem.

“Foodservice distributor.” Just taken by itself, the word “distributor” suggests a business in a constant state of movement. Observers can see that Saladino’s Inc. has been continually moving since its 1944 origins in a Fresno, Calif., grocery meat department. In …
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A “Cool” Idea: Box-in-Box Retrofit

Here’s a cool solution that happens every day: a public warehouse operator or distributor suddenly needs controlled-temperature storage to satisfy a key customer, compete in a new geographic market; or perhaps a fast-growth refrigerated or frozen food processor quickly needs …
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Quick Service!

There are times when you quickly need to go—to grow. That was the case last year for a leading national foodservice distributor. Officials recognized that customer growth necessitated a move to a larger southern California warehouse and distribution center. The …
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