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ESI designed and built the newly acquired Reinhart Facility owned now by Performance Food Group (PFG). The 242,706 square foot multi-use distribution facility is not only capable of distributing food it was designed in a way that this owner can rent out office space, conduct product demonstrations and hold training sessions simultaneously all without disruption of its core operations.  The central ammonia refrigeration system skid package, designed by a sub-consultant, was appropriately sized and located to efficiently meet the needs of the facility and was designed to be disconnected and moved if needed.

Architectural, electrical, and mechanical design was performed by ESI, while the civil and structural designs were contracted with consultants.  Forty-one subcontractors partnered with ESI on this project.  A skilled labor force was required for this project because this a temperature-controlled food distribution facility featuring a central ammonia refrigeration skid package in lieu of an attached refrigeration room in the facility.  In addition, the existing site conditions were poor, and with the building size and amount of projected traffic, soil compaction for long-term stability was crucial.

Project portfolio:

  • Freezer/Cooler 82,838  square feet
  • Dry Storage/Dock 120,100 square feet
  • Admin/Operations Office areas 15,159 square feet
  • Miscellaneous & Support areas 33,084 square feet
  • Truck Service Center and Truck Wash/Hand Cart and Wheel Storage areas 7,979 square feet

Sustainable Design elements:

  • Interior/Exterior LED Lighting
  • Energy efficient 60-mil white membrane roof
  • State-of-the-art energy efficient ammonia skid package

ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award Winner.


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