Frick's Quality Meats Expands in Missouri

Frick’s Quality Meats Expands in Missouri / Washington, Missouri

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Frick’s Quality Meats, a distinguished artisan meat processor and a fifth-generation company, has been experiencing remarkable growth. With their Missouri facility situated on 13 acres of land, they faced the challenge of expanding their existing plant to accommodate increased demand.

ESI Group, entrusted with this critical task, embarked on a multi-phase expansion project. The objective was clear: maximize capacity while ensuring every additional square foot delivers a return. Fricks’ meat processing facility caters to raw, frozen, and ready-to-eat products. The heart of their operation lies in a sophisticated overhead rail system equipped with processing ovens (smokehouses) and blast coolers, complete with trim and cut lines.

The expansion design was meticulously crafted to optimize the available real estate parcel, anticipating future capacity requirements while unwaveringly prioritizing food safety. The entire building functions as a cohesive piece of equipment, seamlessly integrating all processes under one roof. Remarkably, all construction activities were executed without disrupting ongoing operations.

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Project overview:

  • Facility Footprint: 146,504 SF
  • Cold Areas: 93,270 SF
  • Process Areas: 53,234 SF

Design details:

  • Ammonia NH refrigeration system
  • Stainless steel overhead rail system
  • Recirculating glycol utilizing waste heat from refrigeration system for underfloor warming.
  • Insulated metal panel wall construction
  • White TPO mechanically fastened roofing system with R-values from R-30 to R-50

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