Added capacity with AS/RS for worldwide printer Quad Graphics

Quad Graphics – Sussex / Wisconsin

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ESI Group completes the design and build of a greenfield rack supported fully Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) work in process warehouse for Quad Graphics, one of the world’s largest printing companies. The warehouse storage capacity is 38,000-pallets of 3,500 pounds of printed materials stored 21 levels high. Materials are selected using 6-S/R machines running 4 aisles storing 4-8-6-8-4 pallets deep. This warehouse also features an 18,624 square foot tall adjoining low bay building with 5 truck docks, empty pallet storage area, and an access corridor for fork truck traffic, in-fee and out-feed conveyors for the AS/RS.



Project overview:

  • Facility Footprint: 53,280 SF

Design details:

  • The rack supported warehouse is 360’ x 148’ x 121’ tall.
  • The low-bay fork truck area is 18,624 square feet.
  • Wall construction is 32’ tall made of precast wall panels with 3’ insulated metal panels above.
  • Installed FM global in-rack sprinklers for fire protection.
  • Ambient ventilation and gas heat
  • TPO fully adhered roof system