Retaining Experienced Staff Delivers Quality Projects

ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., has maintained an experienced staff of over 50 professionals who have worked to complete nearly 300 projects over the last 25 years. That’s why ESI strives to retain each and every employee. However, because of the nature of the business, maintaining a high employee retention rate can be challenging.

“In the food and beverage business, you need highly qualified personnel with hands-on experience to maintain the level of quality required for the facilities we build,” says Mike Schwartz, vice president of operations.

“ESI will continue to stay on the cutting-edge of offering competitive employment packages.”
–Mike Schwartz, vice president of operations for ESI

Some of ESI’s tried-and-true employee retention strategies include competitive wages, 401K with generous match, compensation packages tailored to employee needs and company sponsored continuing education and state licensing. In addition, traveling employees receive competitive housing, per diem packages and custom scheduling to increase a better work/life balance.

“ESI has seen and felt the challenges of maintaining quality personnel, and will continue to stay on the cutting-edge of offering competitive employment packages to retain the right staff,” says Schwartz.

That is why, when employees leave, sometimes they return.

For example, Troy Gough, started as a project designer for ESI in 1992, which at the time was Environmental Structures.

“I left ESI in 2006 to pursue an opportunity as a project architect for a local competitor. But, in 2008, I was laid off for five months due to a lack of work,” says Gough. “My previous boss at ESI offered me an opportunity to come back to work for ESI as a project architect and engage with more clients.”

Today, Gough is a senior project architect, and under ESI’s leadership, aims to help people in the food industry resolve their facilities’ issues.

“Even though I am an architect by trade, I am a professional in the food industry,” he adds. “I have worked with food my entire life, and that is what I want to do for the rest of my career.”


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