Sysco-Sygma Beefs Up Its Cold Storage

To serve the Kentucky area and beyond, Sygma, a Sysco company, had ESI Group design and build out a cold storage food distribution facility. The 70,000 sq. ft. of cold storage space was added to an existing shell building in Burlington, KY, taking total facility square footage to 330,000. As a customized subsidiary of Sysco, Sygma supplies everything from fresh beef to produce.

“There are several key elements to this efficient cold storage design-build for Sysco Sygma,” says Teddy Martin, Project Manager, ESI Group USA.

For example, an air-cooled split system freon refrigeration system was installed. The chosen refrigeration system offers a cleaner operation and smaller compressors, which eliminates the need for a separate mechanical room in the warehouse space.

To further aid in the integrity of the building envelope, two dozen high-speed rollup doors were sourced through Rytec. Additionally, continuous dock pit vertical store dock levelers were installed by PowerRamp for improved efficiency.

“Sysco has a superior reputation and is motivated to grow this location,” says Martin. Therefore, we designed and installed the proper infrastructure to allow the cooler space areas to covert to freezer temperatures, if needed. This project is the perfect example of how ESI Group designs and builds for a company’s needs today and in the future.”

Tenant Build-out

Tenant Build Out, photo credit to Link the World.

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