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Project Planning for the Uncontrollable

Project Planning for the Uncontrollable The promise of shorter timelines and lower costs has made design-build the dominant model in industrial construction. But both time and budget are subject to uncontrollable circumstances like extreme weather, labor shortages, and trade war …
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Frick’s Quality Meats Expands Meat Processing HQs Facility

Frick’s Quality Meats tapped ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., to expand its Washington, Mo., headquarters meat processing facility. The 28,000-plus-square-foot expansion includes a 15,000-squarefoot addition for casing, packaging, palletizing and staging of product as well as a 12,500-square-foot 28°F finished …
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ESI Group Renovates Food Distribution Center for US Foods

US Foods, Rosemont, Ill., tapped ESI Group USA, Hartland, Wis., to design and construct an 85,000-square-foot expansion and renovation to an existing food distribution center in Fort Mill, S.C. The facility, which is the second largest US Foods plant, will …
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There’s No “I” in Team

You hear it all the time in sports, business meetings and group discussions, and now it’s being voiced on the warehouse floor—“there’s no ‘I’ in team.” Fortunately for global food distributor Martin Brower, this same mantra also applies when expanding …
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The Automated Facility Experts

New plant design can be quite a bear. Site selection, layout, structural systems, construction materials, timelines and more all play into successfully building a cold storage facility. But, for design-build firms like ESI Group USA, the use of automation makes …
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Mission Critical Construction. Done.

Usually when one hears the term “mission critical,” it’s safe to assume failure or disruption. But, for the folks at ESI Group, Hartland, Wis., it means the exact opposite. That’s because when a customer like WinCo Foods, comes forward with …
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No Construction Timeline is Too Tight

WinCo Foods prides itself on keeping its grocery prices low. In fact, this Boise, Idaho-based employee-owned company maintains its title as the leader in supermarket low prices by offering more than 800 items for bulk purchase by the pound, allowing …
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Gathering All Parties Concerned

When it comes to launching a new product, installing a new production line or building a new facility, it’s imperative that all parties concerned be involved and on the same page. Such is the case for United Natural Foods, Inc. …
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Quick Service!

There are times when you quickly need to go—to grow. That was the case last year for a leading national foodservice distributor. Officials recognized that customer growth necessitated a move to a larger southern California warehouse and distribution center. The …
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ESI keeps USF moving

Given the nation’s economic condition, any foodservice market growth is a good thing. So when U.S. Foodservice, Inc. wanted to expand its multi-temp distribution center in Boca Raton, Fla., we knew their success depended on our success. As part of …
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