US Foods puts its best food forward

You’ve heard the challenge “Put your money where your mouth is.” Now, one of the nation’s largest foodservice distributors is putting its money where the consumer’s mouth is.

US Foods, headquartered in Rosemont, Ill., already introduced 30 new products this spring. Behind the scenes, it’s also making plans to renovate and upgrade research kitchens and training rooms at its customer support sites stretching from San Francisco to Tampa, Fla.

ESI Design Services has 20 years of R&D kitchen design experience with 25 projects completed nationwide.

ESI Design Services is involved with the initial round of eight projects—starting with a US Foods location in Indianapolis.

US Foods supplies food and related products to more than 250,000 customers, including independent and multiunit restaurants, healthcare and hospitality entities, government and educational institutions. The company’s “US Kitchens” project upgrades everything—from lighting and kitchen equipment to the kitchen’s layout and client meeting rooms. That way, chefs, customers and personnel have state-of-the-art facilities to match their operational needs.

Why invest in the creative, culinary process? Although US Foods hasn’t said much about the US Kitchens project, it’s clear the company is stepping up to help customers.

Pietro Satriano, US Foods’ chief merchandising officer, talks about the spring new product launch.

“Our 30 new products will help energize restaurants and foodservice operations around America by adding spark and spice to menus and giving diners strong reasons to keep coming back again and again,” he says.

ESI’s TROY GOUGH is an architect with 25+ years food industry experience.


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