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For 30 years ESI Group USA (ESI Group) has been offering nationwide design-build services to the food process, beverage, grocery, foodservice, and public refrigerated warehouse industries.

Our in-house innovative architecture and engineering firm provides complete design services in all states while our construction management firm, honoring a distinguished safety record, constructs new facilities, expansions, and renovations of temperature controlled food facilities.

About ESIESI Group’s wealth of knowledge stems from 30+ years working in the food industry.  We leverage our knowledge; taking our lessons learned and applying them to all new projects and challenges.

Our experienced staff consists of over 70 professionals.  We serve our clients on a national basis through our strategic regional offices located in California, Washington, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania and a corporate office in Wisconsin.

Whether you plan on building a Greenfield facility, renovating an existing building or are planning to execute a major or minor facility expansion; our commitment will allow you to continually be operational.  ESI Group is your single source for the design and construction of your temperature controlled food facility.

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